Cuatro Generaciones and Pincelada Poética of Eloísa Soberanis

By Patricia Garza Soberanis
I am glad to share with you the presentation of Cuatro Generaciones and the art exhibit Pincelada Poética, that took place on february 4th at Casa Guerrerense in Mexico City, as part of the cultural activities of The Cove/Rincón Int´l.
Cuatro Generaciones brings together the poetry of my grandmother Aurora Acosta de Soberanis (1897-1983) 1st. generation; my mother Eloísa Soberanis 2nd. gen.; my sister and I, Aurora Garza Soberanis & Patricia Garza Soberanis 3rd. gen., and of my niece Aurora E. Muñoz Garza 4th generation. The poetry book was compiled by my mother Eloísa Soberanis honoring her mother Aurora Acosta de Soberanis. Five women that in our time and style, share our feeling through the poetical expression. Simultaneously, her artwork was exhibited and will remain until february 22th.
This presentation was very emotional for our family, we had the pleasure of the presence of Marily A. Reyes who came from Miami, and our members Iván Portela, Ana Edith Tequextle, Ma. Pilar Martínez and Ladis Serrano, that besides Iván, traveled from Puebla, Coahuila and Guerrero. We thank God for letting us share such especial day with our friends.
Our gratitude to Lic. Fernanda Anaya, Director of Casa Guerrerense for her warm support and to the Government of the State of Guerrero.

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